Cloud Computing – How Will it Affect You?

We are always on the watch for the ‘next best thing’ when it comes to technology and the Internet. Certainly no one can doubt that Cloud Computing and the next generation of the Internet has had a dramatic affect on how people interact and connect with each other – both from an individual standpoint and…
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Microsoft Office 365 hit by Phishing Scam

Reports have emerged of a new phishing scam targeting Australian users of Microsoft Office 365 products, potentially crippling businesses during the busy pre-Christmas season. It is understood that both individuals and businesses across the country have been targeted in recent days by an email purporting to be from Microsoft, which tells recipients to upgrade their…
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4 Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your Technology Investment

How many times have you purchased new software or hardware, and avoided the help menu or user manual? Experts reason that about 90 percent of all features included with software go unused. Much of this comes down to lack of training for individuals using the technology – they use what they know and need most,…
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