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SMB organisations are being targeted by cyber crime

There is no doubt that the SMB Market is the target for Cybercriminals.

There is also no doubt that 2018 will be a bigger year for Cybercrime than 2017.

Have a look at the chart below from Jan this year.

As we can see Cyber Crime is the Number 1 motivation by a mile as it is so lucrative.

Organised cybercrime is the most profitable type of crime.

  • $3,000 is the average loss from a burglary.
  • $38,000,000 is the loss from the largest bank robbery in the Western World.
  • $570,000,000,000 is the annual cost of cybercrime to the global economy.

There are many local stories some of which we will share with you in the coming weeks.

What approaches can you take as a business owner to mitigate the risk of getting hit?

The need is to have a complete approach which covers your security solutions:

  • Your network which we see as being a 4-Layer approach.
  • Then there is your staff and their education.
  • There is now also the need to manage the information which staff use and share and with whom they share it with. This is all about compliance.
  • You can now also access a service which runs 24/7 and is eyes on screens watching for anything that is unusual with your network.

How much of your IP and business information sits outside of your business that you don’t know about? Some of this might be with all the best intentions in the world, however, most of which never comes back. Sometimes it can also be a malicious approach which causes the problem.

With Feb 2018 fast approaching. Are you prepared for the Mandatory Disclosure of a Data Breach to the OAIC and what impact this can have on your business?

More on this in a later blog.

Security is front of mind for Business Owners. – ‘Cyber threats top concern among CEOs’ – Wall Street Journal Oct 2017.

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