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Go Systems is an MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) working with medium-sized businesses.

Go Systems was founded in 2003 to deliver ICT (Information and Communications Technology) solutions which is what we still do. However, a lot has changed with moving businesses to the Cloud along with Security and communication advancements.  

We still manage your systems and keep you secure with our first-rate team. 

Our team prides themselves with staying on top of the technology by being certified by our leading global vendors on every level and staying up to date.

We let your business goals drive the right operational and success-based solutions. 

Our focused platform has evolved along with where Microsoft is going.

  • Microsoft 365 Subscriptions and Security – there are currently 32 applications within 365 that provides users with the productivity applications necessary to get work done and collaborate in the modern enterprise. 
  • Productivity applications include:
    • Email & calendar with Outlook
    • Communications via telephony and video meetings and conferences with Teams 
    • Managing all your documents and files via SharePoint,  
    • Other productivity applications include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PowerBI, OneNote, OneDrive, Forms, Whiteboard, Tasks, Planner and a whole lot more 
  • Azure Cloud Servers to replace your servers especially when you move with a Line of Business (LOB) SaaS application like Dynamics and Business Central, plus many other industry specific apps. 
  • Moving your servers to the Cloud gets rid of the hardware, electricity costs along with expensive management. Remote desktops are now catered for with Azure Virtual Desktop 

In the past with on-premise server-based technology we made the rules as to how you managed your data and the users based on what you tell us. 

Today its more about setting up an agreed organisational framework. Together we assist you with who you allow within your team, your clients and customers, and your partners to access their allocated data resource. You manage how long they have access to that file or document and whether they are allowed to do anything with that file or document other than reading it? 

This enables a far more flexible organisation or business with much greater security. 
This transformation makes you more competitive and robust along with your team being able to work from anywhere and on all types of devices securely. 
Go Systems still has clients with server-based technologies and applications that sit on them. As time moves on all of these will move to Cloud Servers and SaaS based solutions. We have no clients that are not on Microsoft 365 for a very good reason.

Come on the business transformation journey with Go Systems and our CEOs of Cloud Alliance Partners.  Our proven methodologies will get you to realise your unique journey.

Security is a massive issue today and we have you covered. Our business has now evolved as of Oct 2021 to offer you specialist Cybersecurity services and solutions as an extension to our existing services and solutions.

Call us on 1300 786 746 we are ready to assist with your unique journey. 

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