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Go Systems is an MSSP (Managed Strategic Service Provider) working with medium-sized businesses.
Go Systems was founded in 2003 to deliver ICT (Information and Communications Technology) solutions.
We let your business goals drive the right based Cloud solution.

Our focused platform has evolved to
– Microsoft Azure, Windows Virtual Desktop
– Exchange/Outlook
– Teams
– SharePoint

In the past with on-premise server-based technology we made the rules as to how you manage your data and users based on what you tell us.
Today its more about setting up an agreed organisational framework. Together we assist you with who you allow within the team to access their allocated data resource. Also with your clients, customers and partners what is their access level to files or a single document? How long do they have access to that file or document and are they allowed to do anything with that file or document other than reading it?
This enables a far more flexible organisation or business with much greater security.
This transformation makes you more competitive and robust along with your team able to work from anywhere and on all types of devices securely.

Come on the business transformation journey with Go Systems and the CEOs of Cloud.
Proven methodologies to determine your unique journey.