HP Megatrends

While we can’t know what the future will hold, we can look to the major socio-economic, demographic and technological trends occurring across the globe to help guide us: Megatrends that we believe will have a sustained, transformative impact on the world in the years ahead — on businesses, societies, economies, cultures and our personal lives. To learn…
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Prepare for Windows Server 2008 end of support

With the Windows Server 2008 end of support coming up in just under one year, it’s time to start thinking about your transition to a supported platform like Windows Server on Azure. At Go Systems we can help you migrate off of outdated platforms and transform your operation. Contact us today to learn more on…
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The Journey to the Digital Frontier

IT Showcase gives you a behind-the-curtain view of how Microsoft IT operates. Check out how you can achieve more using Microsoft 365.

Why Small and Medium sized Business is at Risk

Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) do not fully comprehend the value of IT management, or indeed, the threats they face. Naturally, if you are a business engaging the services of an SSP (Strategic Services Provider) like Go Systems, this may not apply to you. For SSPs to be effective within the small and medium-sized…
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A Closer Look At Hybrid-Cloud And Multi-Cloud Approaches

If you’re not actively de-risking your IT infrastructure, you’re leaving yourself open for a ransomware attack, where you could lose some or all of your hard-earned data. While cloud platforms like Azure can give you the data recovery tools you need, adopting a cloud solution can get tricky. At , we’re pros at helping businesses…
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OneDrive Personal Vault

OneDrive Personal Vault. A new layer of security is coming to your OneDrive personal account. Also, now you can store more with the OneDrive 100 GB plan at no additional charge. Click the link below to learn more.

Don’t let unexpected threats become disastrous.

Zespri International markets and sells kiwifruit to retailers around the world. After business was disrupted by an earthquake and plant virus, the New Zealand grower moved business-critical SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure, hence reducing IT costs, promoting scalability, ensuring business continuity and enabling the company to focus on what they do best–growing and selling kiwis.

What is Microsoft Azure

Azure is a flexible, open and secure platform. It grants you access to a broad collection of tools you can integrate into your IT environment. Knowing that Azure offers 70+ compliance services and has 95% of Fortune 500 companies on board, you can be sure that the services Azure provides are secure and offer the…
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Windows 7 End of Support

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