Empower your entire organization with Microsoft Teams

You’ve just arrived at the office, booted up your computer or laptop, and filled your first cup of coffee. You sit back down, take a sip, and what do you see? Chances are it’s a login screen. Hastily, you type in your username and password and get on with a productive day. At least that…
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5 Ways to Be More Efficient While Working From Home

While working from home, it’s easy for the day to slip away. Optimize your time away from the office with these 5 tips from Entrepreneur. Suggestions include establishing a routine, determining priorities, eliminating distractions, and more. This article from Entrepreneur, highlights five ways remote workers can be more efficient at home. Tips to optimize…
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Empowering remote work with Microsoft Teams

In this infographic, discover suggestions to empower remote employees as they use Teams to embrace online communication, stay focused, share content, and stay connected.

Run effective meetings with Microsoft Teams

Even if you and your team are working from home, you still need meetings to keep the business moving. Stay productive and make the most of your virtual meetings from beginning to end. This training from Microsoft will show you how. This video is a virtual class on running meetings with Microsoft Teams, led by…
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J. Walter Thompson breaks new ground with Microsoft collaboration tools

This video shows how a global leader in marketing communications uses Microsoft Teams to increase collaboration across their entire organization. Teams helps them create a global, modern workplace so the company can innovate at the speed of culture. With this tool, they can stay connected and easily collaborate across different geographies.

How to manage meetings in Microsoft Teams

As more people work from home during the COVID 19 crisis, remote meetings have become a vital part of the workday. Microsoft Teams makes meeting remotely easier. Watch this video to see how! How to manage meetings in Microsoft Teams

Welcome to Microsoft Teams

Foster collaboration and empower productivity with Microsoft Teams. Teams gives you instant access to the people, content, and tools you need. This video is a quick introduction on how to use Microsoft Teams. The tutorial highlights such features as channels, chat, calls, and files. Watch this video to see how Teams can help your employees…
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Zscaler: Whiteboard Story: A 5-minute look at the cloud security platform

The following 5 minute video will show you how to secure your business/organisation via the Cloud. Everyone is now working from anywhere at any time on a number of devices. This means very secure access to all your business Applications which have been moved into the Cloud on Microsoft Azure. You have gotten rid of on-premise…
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Discover how Microsoft Teams empowers people to stay connected while working remotely

Empower your team to stay connected with Microsoft Teams and keep business running smoothly. Even as you work from home. For an overview of the features, watch this short video. This video highlights how Teams helps people stay connected—even while social distancing. It briefly and visually covers a variety of Microsoft Teams features, showing you…
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