Don’t let unexpected threats become disastrous.

Zespri International markets and sells kiwifruit to retailers around the world. After business was disrupted by an earthquake and plant virus, the New Zealand grower moved business-critical SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure, hence reducing IT costs, promoting scalability, ensuring business continuity and enabling the company to focus on what they do best–growing and selling kiwis.

What is Microsoft Azure

Azure is a flexible, open and secure platform. It grants you access to a broad collection of tools you can integrate into your IT environment. Knowing that Azure offers 70+ compliance services and has 95% of Fortune 500 companies on board, you can be sure that the services Azure provides are secure and offer the…
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Windows 7 End of Support

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The Need for Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training also ensures that employees are fully awake to the consequences of failing to protect the organisation from outside attackers. Such consequences span from criminal penalties to large scale economic damage to the company and the loss of employment.

Workplace Agility: The True Secret To Improving Productivity And Efficiency

According to a recent study, balance and offering choices in the workplace are more important to the millennial generation than salary. Are you giving your employees tools for flexibility. The following article explains this in greater detail.

Why the Cloud

If you’re still using an old, outdated email platform, you could be losing a considerable amount of time every week and exposing your email content to malicious actors. With the capabilities of modern email platforms, you can access email on the go with flexible usage options and sync your email, calendar and contacts wherever you…
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Digital transformation with Microsoft

Where do you see your business in 5 years? Technology is being used to transform every industry. That’s why your business needs the tools to unlock a prosperous digital future. Microsoft is committed to helping you shape your own growth with technology. In this inspirational video, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discusses the role of technology…
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5 Reasons your Organization should Move to the Cloud

With the proliferation of cloud technology, it’s now easier than ever to migrate to a cloud services platform. With Microsoft cloud services, you can increase security, flexibility, communication and business intelligence, and gain a host of tools you’ll need to create a modern digital workplace. Contact today to find out how we can help you…
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What is Cloud Migration and Why is it Important

Why cloud? The digital revolution has empowered customers with more choices, requiring businesses to exchange outdated practices with modern solutions in a competitive landscape. In response, growth and adoption of cloud services are increasing across industries and businesses. This article explores six advantages of choosing the cloud.

Why Cloud (By Default) Gives You Security You Couldn’t Afford Otherwise

Regardless of your industry, security should be a top concern. That’s what makes moving to the cloud so attractive for IT pros. The increased mobility, flexibility and ability to go serverless all have their place, but the default security upgrade you receive by moving to the cloud is undeniably one of the greatest benefits. Go…
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