Zscaler: Whiteboard Story: A 5-minute look at the cloud security platform

The following 5 minute video will show you how to secure your business/organisation via the Cloud. Everyone is now working from anywhere at any time on a number of devices. This means very secure access to all your business Applications which have been moved into the Cloud on Microsoft Azure. You have gotten rid of on-premise servers. It also means that you also go securely to many SaaS based applications like 365, Dynamics, Business Central NetSuite, SAP, etc. So very secure access to both internal applications on servers in the Cloud or on premise and SaaS Cloud. This will simplify your current complicated network and user security like you have not seen before.


  • Cloud > AppTransformation
  • Network Transformation
  • Security > Mobile, Device, other.
  • Microsoft 365 Transitions.


  • Castle & Moat
  • Complex Network
  • Shadow IT Risk
  • IOT and BYOD Gaps
  • Manual Cloud Migration
  • Authority and Identity

Future State

  • Uplevel of security
  • Simplify
  • Transform
  • No users on the network
  • Authority before Access
  • App Discovery
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Internet becomes the corporate network.

Let us know how we can assist you simplify and increase the security of your network.