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Digitising Documents Easily – YouTube Series

This series of videos is designed to provide Records Managers and their teams with a live educational resource which is all about digitising any type of document into any type of business application that you will be running.

It also does not matter what type of paper you need to manage nor the age of the paper that needs to be digitised.

It is an ongoing series and will be built up to become a full training resource.

Each video goes through an aspect of moving paper of any kind into a digital resource that can be used quickly and efficiently for each organisation.

We have over 20 years experience in this sector and have worked on a vast array of projects from 15km tunnels of paper files for Archives, those long Senate Election Forms, freight company projects, Australia Post, Medical firms and Hospitals, Legal Firms, Accounting Firms, Local, State and Federal Government. Manufacturers and Distributors – Small and Medium organisations to national brands.

There is a solution for anything to do with paper to get this into a searchable resource within whatever application you are running.

We hope you enjoy this resource and feel free to share it with your team.