SD-WAN to the Forefront

Andrew Swinn
Technical Support Leader, AGnVET Services

The real clincher for us was the fact that Fortinet’s solutions were the most cost-effective on the market. No other vendor even came close for price-performance. In the end, it was a no-brainer to choose Fortinet’s FortiGate 60E/60E DSL Next Generation Firewalls for connection to our network of mixed internet services.”

About the Customer

AGnVET is an Australian agribusiness providing rural agricultural supplies & services including agronomy, animal health & nutrition, fertilisers & irrigation. Due to its fast growth and the nature of the industry and the company is divided into 60 branches spread across NSW.


  • Limited visibility with older router-based MPLS network
  • No redundant connectivity in case of primary network outages
  • Expensive and labour-intensive to connect branch offices

Business Impact

  • Increased staff productivity via faster, more robust network connectivity
  • Significantly lower operational costs and two-year ROI
  • Foundation for continued expansion via SD-WAN