Month: April 2018

How can Go Systems do a total business Transformation for our clients?

This is a great question and it has taken us years to get there, but we are now there. If you look at the top end of town such as with the Big 4, plus companies such as Telstra, they have all been buying tech companies for many years. The reason for this is that…
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The brief has been Extended

Go Systems has been the infrastructure team for many clients over the years and this will continue even with the inevitable march to the Cloud with people working from anywhere. We realise that this lens has now become a little micro as clients are wanting to do a total business transformation. They are tired of…
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Go Systems as an MSP Supports a wide range of both devices and operating systems.

Being an MSP (Managed Service Provider) in 2018+ As we all know the world of technology does not quit and nor do we in our quest to understand what is going on. We keep our eyes open for relevance to our customers and their businesses. Go Systems is very committed to the Microsoft brand, as…
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