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If you're spending too much time on problem-solving and end-user implementation, it might be time for a new phone system with improved ROI and more responsive customer service. ShoreTel's unified communication solution offers both by freeing you to focus on activities that increase your productivity and profits.

Is your current phone system:

  • Simple - Can you maintain it from any Internet connection?
  • Scalable - Will it grow with you?
  • Flexible - Does it offer IM, mobility, video and collaboration?
  • Always On - Does it have 99.999% availability?
  • Respected - Can independent surveys, industry awards and customer feedback confirm a satisfying experience?
  • Intuitive - Can it provide user support at the push of a button?
  • Strategic - Does it free your IT staff to focus on critical business goals?

If you're tired of managing your own phone system, it might be time to consider a cloud-based communication solution.

Does Your Phone System Do This?

  • Send voicemails to email
  • Provide push-button user support
  • Connect you with your team, wherever they are

If you're tired of managing your own phone system, it might be time to consider a unified communication solution.

Find the Right Phone System Fast

From selecting the system that's right for you to justifying the capital investment needed to make it happen, it's enough to make you want to go back to tin cans and string. These resources make it easier to find the system that's right for you.

ip phone systems

Voice Over IP Telephony

IP Telephony & VOIP

Simple, clever, cost effective telephone solutions.

Fantastic cost effective IP telephony solutions with a Cloud (Hosted PBX) or go with a customised solution that suits your business applications or business phone systems.

Phone systems for 1 person to 100’s of staff in multiple locations.

IP telephony is the only way to set up phone systems today.

We can put a phone system anywhere. Some clients have offices here and Internationally. We can send phones to overseas locations and they can call each other as if they were in the next room. They simply call an extension and it is a free call.

You can answer calls from anywhere. If you are not in the office another location can pick up the call.

Voicemail to e-mail. Does not matter where you are you will get your voicemail to e-mail play it back on any device and click to call the number and return the call.

You can transfer calls to mobiles.

Integrate with various line-of-business applications. Features like click to dial, see who is calling you as it integrates with your CRM. Many more advanced features also available.

Lower your phone bills by 30%+

VOIP for business is now!

It’s like a smart phone in the office – Easy to use.

Your calls are made via Broadband / Internet.

QoS (Quality of Service) – gives you crisp call quality at all times. This is built into our systems.

VoIP is also a cheaper way for you to make calls in contrast with conventional telephone systems. You will save money on call costs and our phone system is more how you would use a smart phone. It is easy, so there is little training to do with your staff.

How does VoIP work?

Sound waves (a human voice) is converted into data, all outgoing calls are routed via the Internet. During a conversion, the voice is sampled thousands of times each second. The samples are converted to electronic packets which and then streamed over the Internet in the same way as emails, web pages and all other internet activity. High quality handsets ensure there is an excellent audio quality and clarity.

The Benefits of VoIP

       Low cost solution to buy.

       Low cost telephone calls.

       Put a phone anywhere.

       Easy to use system.

       Unified Communications – your data and voice networks integrate and work together .

       Voice mail to e-mail.

       Little training as we all know how to use smartphones.

       Huge array of clever features that you will want to use.

Simple to set up:

       You need a Broadband Internet Connection with QoS (Quality of Service)

       Phone System – includes hardware and software.

       Good Australian ITSP (internet Telephony Service Provider)

Call Costs

With VoIP you are not locked in with any long term contracts.  

       Local & National landline Calls: from $0.17-$0.22 untimed

       Mobile Calls: from $0.22 per minute

       International Calls: from $0.03 per minute

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