A New Generation of Wi-Fi, Are you ready ? 802.11ac

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The new generation Wi-Fi technology has again made a significant leap in performance. It is called 802.11ac. It’s products deliver whole-home coverage at two or even three times the speed of older Wi-Fi products and handle demanding applications such as Ultra HD and 4K video, multimedia, and rapid file transfer with ease.

What does this mean for the average user? Faster everything especially downloading videos and it will most likely get rid of even more cables in the house and office.

There are 2 products coming out one is 802.11ac which will come in your router or wireless access points. Much faster downloads of everything = greater battery life with mobile devices. Which is still a big deal today.

We look forward to the day batteries last longer, there is a lot of work happening on this and it will happen but in the meantime this will help.

The other is known as 802.11ad:  Imagine a TV with a BluRay Player or your Apple TV all sitting nicely together without any HDMI cables.

A new wireless standard promising blazing speeds over short distances was recently adopted by the IEEE. Known as 802.11ad. The ratified standard will deliver 7Gbps speeds over 60GHz frequencies and should appear in consumer electronics as soon as next year. And in case you're wondering, WiGig is the consumer-friendly marketing name which will encompass 802.11ad and future revisions.

A few technology trends you would have noticed:

  • The number of Wi-Fi devices in households has doubled over the past five years. Think iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets like those from Samsung the list of devices is huge.
  • There is an average of four devices now connected to the home Wi-Fi network during peak usage times.
  • 60% of respondents indicated they are using Wi-Fi for multimedia applications more now than they were three years ago.
  • Among young people (18-24 years of age), Wi-Fi is more essential than traditional forms of entertainment – 69% of respondents in that age group said that a Wi-Fi outage would be more disruptive than a television outage in their home.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac products bring additional capacity, performance, and robustness to support the connected applications of today and tomorrow, at home, in public places, and in enterprise networks alike.

  • Higher data rates –  ac can deliver data rates up to more than double those of a typical n (most devices around are n today) network. For users, this means a network can support simultaneously streaming multiple HD-quality videos to multiple devices.
  • Greater capacity – More devices can be simultaneously connected to a Wi-Fi ac network without reducing performance.
  • Reduced latency – deliver a higher-quality user experience with applications such as gaming or streaming music, where even the slightest delay can have a detrimental impact.

ac operates in 5 GHz, where devices can make use of increased bandwidth to achieve a higher data rate. Most are also expected to be dual-band, operating in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands,

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac mobile devices, tablets, laptops, consumer electronics products and networking gear will be available in the second half of this year. Enterprise environments and industrial applications will follow the consumer product adoption and will also benefit from higher performance for data intensive applications.

Video needs speed and yes you will need a new router or access point in your house and yes you will need a new mobile device which has the ac or ad chip sets in them for all this to work. Get a new router or access point and then when you get the new device which might be a laptop, tablet, phone etc. it will eventually come with these chips built in. Ask when you buy.


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